Sage CRM: Your Online CRM Software Solution

Sage CRM is an easy to use, fast to deploy, feature rich CRM solution providing enterprise-wide access to vital customer information - anytime, anywhere. With Sage CRM, you can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care and marketing information.

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Sage CRM's web browser interface offers a full range of contact management, opportunity and sales pipeline management, marketing automation and customer service and support management. The web-based CRM interface is more customizable than other browsers and its ease of use and full functionality has earned it many, many industry awards.

Generating sales and taking care of customers – isn't that why you want to use CRM? Of course the challenges to meet on the way to that goal include user adoption, implementation difficulties, and initial and ongoing investment requirements. Of course, you also want a solution that will grow with your needs, to make the most of your investment.

Here's how Sage CRM, the online or web-based CRM solution, approaches those challenges in a way that makes sense for a company like yours.

User adoption of Sage CRM

Salespeople are generally compensated based on their success. So they'll only spend their time with computer tools that pay off for them. When you begin to plan your CRM "journey" one of the first items to define is your sales force's WIIFM Factor: "What's In It For Me?" Every company is a bit different, but if the CRM solution helps get through more calls more quickly, that's a WIIFM. Sage CRM has great contact management functionality, and some workflow features that simplify follow ups. Easy to use screen, with a minimum of scrolling and extra windows helps – reps want to talk to customers not press a bazillion mouse clicks to get there. Its easy to use mass scheduling facilities and calendar reporting helps efficiency too.

Of course Sage CRM's Customer Support and Marketing Automation functionality are just as useful. We make it easy to answer "The WIIFM Question."


Sage CRM can install on a single server, and users connect through browsers, so there are no workstation installation hassles. With strong import tools, your legacy data is readily imported, and with more control than you can you get in hosted solutions. You easily add custom fields to the user views, and the drop-down lists are simple to configure.

Investment in Sage CRM Software Solutions

Sure, nobody wants to pay a lot for software or rental fees, and Sage CRM is more economical in that department than anything else in its class. It is the only CRM solution on the market that lets you start with a monthly rental fee, and then let you convert to an on-premises version without any data migration. Not only that, but you get significant credit for rental fees paid! So, Sage CRM is about as good as it gets in that department.

But it really shines in the "soft costs" that usually swamp licensing: installation, training, configuration. SmartBridge Partners has been helping companies like yours meet CRM challenges for ten years, and we'll help you create a "CRM Roadmap" for your unique needs. We'll show you how Sage CRM Solutions will grow with you as you need them, maximizing your payback to you and your customers at every step of the way,

We deploy sales tracking software, including Sage CRM solutions that finally make integrated small business online or web-based CRM software solutions a reality for SMBs.