Print - A Web-Based CRM Solution offers the same functionality as Sage CRM, but as "on demand CRM." This means:

  • You don't have to worry about servers, installation or those technical issues
  • You get a free, 30-day trial to confirm that this is great for you
  • You pay only $69/month for each user, and long-term contracts are not required
  • That $69 rate isn't a trial offer… it's for all of our powerful functionality.
  • You add and change users easily
  • When you decide that you want to bring the solution in-house, we make it easy
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Rent to own. Your Own Web CRM System.

Let's look at that last one: bringing the CRM system in house. For some companies, it makes financial sense to "rent" the CRM system for a long time. But, for many companies, external ("ASP") hosting and the monthly rental fees, are only an interim step. As the user count goes higher, and the functionality used increases, and the need for close data integration needs increase, then "on premises hosting" makes a lot of sense.

So, has a "rent to own" policy: when you decide to bring your data on-premises, 50% of your first 12 months of rental payments are applied to the purchase price. You won't find that offer anywhere else in the market.

When you do convert to on premises, the migration is simple: we give you the Microsoft SQL Server backup file, and you restore on your SQL Server. That's it – no data conversion is needed at all. No expense and no risk. Simple. Reliable. Economical.

Who owns your data?

Which brings up an interesting point: when you use on demand web CRM, who really owns your data? Our answer is simple: YOU own your data. If you ever stop using, we'll give you your data back in an industry-standard, MS SQL backup file. That way you can use standard migration tools to move it to another CRM solution. When considering, or other alternatives to, get your answers in writing… they won't be as simple.

What about system reliability? Unlike other on demand CRM solutions, Sage Software owns the data centers and servers – so we don't have the outages you've read about with other solutions. Your Web-Based CRM Software

Let's review the advantages:

  • Strong, web-based functionality
  • Contact-, pipeline- and support-management with workflow
  • One low monthly rate for all this functionality
  • Rent-to-own when you bring it in house
  • Low cost of entry, and low cost of ownership over the long run.

At $69/month/user, no long-term contract, and with all this functionality, why pay twice the price for three times the time, with no on-premises option to

Call us for details about how you can start your web based CRM software solution today …free for a month, and for far less than the "other guys" after that.

We deploy web-based CRM software solutions, like, that finally make integrated small business CRM software solutions a reality for SMBs.